• Keely Kalama-Lakey

Why Blog About Feeling Communication?

This blog explores our interactions and how they can make us feel. It's about the things we say, hear, see, think, and do in our personal lives, at work, and for work. What, why, and how we communicate makes a tremendous impact on our lives because it affects our feelings about each other, ourselves, and our world. Since it can dominate our lives in positive and negative ways, I believe it’s worth a few minutes to think about what goes into it and what comes out of it. It's a lot to sort out.

I first thought about writing a blog for my clients after an executive dismissed storytelling in favor of sharing data only. His decision wasn't a huge shock. As a freelance writer, I see clients try to make communications decisions without sufficient analysis all the time. Usually I can help fill in the blanks so they can make more informed choices. Once in a while, like this time when I couldn't get a sit down with the exec, I just have to let it go. Writers can be flexible like that.

However, as a communications strategist, the choice to move forward based on limited understanding can make me nuts, and I often need time to process the madness. This is where the idea for a blog started. I could express my thoughts on the things to consider when making communications decisions in business. With nearly three decades in the field, I have wins and losses others could learn from.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized how much more the blog could do. Communication issues are everywhere, and every day I see situations I want to learn more about. A blog can be my excuse to reach out and ask experts to weigh in on situations that are especially challenging. And, if I add posts that examine our interactions with family and friends that make most of us crazy, that might be interesting too.

It's time to dig in. Welcome.